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Setting the Benchmark in Excellence

Benchmark is a full-service Safety, Health & Environmental consulting firm. Our experienced staff provides safety, industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, training, and environmental services across the United States. We serve a variety of industries, including mining services, medical facilities, public schools, manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, and so much more. Contact us to find out how we can help take care of your SH&E needs or provide support to your organization's SH&E department.

About Benchmark


Site specific assessments with plans for the enhancement of workplace safety


Wide variety of industrial hygiene service for an ever wider range of workplaces


Regulatory assistance and permitting for industrial storm water, air, and more


Experienced, knowledgeable training staff covering wide variety of subjects


Benchmark is a comprehensive SH&E consulting firm serving the needs of clientele in the pursuit of compliance regarding employee safety, health, and environmental stewardship. Benchmark provides experienced expertise to general industry, construction, oil and gas, municipalities, education, and medical facilities.

Our Story

Benchmark is a comprehensive SH&E consulting firm founded in 2016 to serve the safety, health, and environmental needs of general industry, construction, oil & gas, medical facilities, and mining services across the United States.


Benchmark provides experienced professionals with wide-ranging expertise to our clients with an emphasis on quality and timeliness.

We set the Benchmark in excellence.

Benchmark is a WV Licensed Engineering Firm License Number C05077-00

Concrete Wall

Our Staff

Benchmark maintains a staff of highly trained and experienced personnel with over one hundred years of combined experience. Our personnel have the education and experience to successfully help clients achieve their SH&E goals.

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