Benchmark maintains a staff of highly trained and experienced personnel with over seventy-five years of combined experience.  Our personnel have the education and experience to successfully help clients achieve their SH&E goals.

Daniel T. Arnold, MLS, CES


Dan has 29 years experience in environmental permitting, compliance, and laboratory analysis.  Dan's work in a number of positions including general chemistry analyst, metals analyst, wet lab supervisor, organics analyst, organics supervisor, and as a laboratory auditor.  Dan also has extensive experience in handling NPDES permit applications, compliance, modifications and renewals; site assessments; sample collection – surface water, groundwater, pre-drill water wells, soils and wastes; and various other situations. Dan is a Certified Environmental Sampler (CES-0404) and the Chairperson of the Monitoring Well Drillers Advisory Board.  Dan brings all of this experience on board with Benchmark Safety, Health, and Environmental Services LLC.


Dan is retired from the US Army with 21+ years of service and received many awards throughout his service including The Bronze Star Medal for his service in Iraq.

Michael Ross Haynes, MS


Mike has spent the past 25 years working in the SH&E field specializing in industrial hygiene.  His background in chemistry and biology with a Master's degree in Occupational Health and Safety Engineering prepared him to work successfully in the chemical industry.  Consulting affords Mike the opportunity to share his skills and knowledge with a wider audience.  His experience provides clients with trusted and accurate results, and assistance in developing control measures.  Mike is committed to improving the health and safety of workers by ensuring the company meets or exceeds regulatory mandates.

Echols Hylton, CSP, MS


Echols began his professional career as an environmental consultant.  His work competencies and experiences were enhanced by his education in geology, geoscience, and Safety Management.  His diverse field work includes construction, oil and gas, health care, education, and general industry.  In addition to S&E initiatives, Echols is accomplished as an industrial hygiene technician; having collected area and personal sampling for both chemical and noise exposures.  His diversity and knowledge-base makes him a valuable resource for clients in different industries.

Eric Mandolesi


Eric's drafting, design, and project planning skills make him a vital team member.  He has vast drafting experience including producing or revising civil, architectural, mechanical, or electrical drawings.  He is also well versed in drafting topographical and relief maps for various engineering projects, creating as build drawings of well pad, and creating and revising corrosion protection drawings.  His attention to detail serves clients in his capacity as facility planner.  His experience in project planning and daily coordination of work duties requires a keen level of organization.  His skills in communicating with workers is most evident in his safety training duties for new employee orientation.

Kimberly McClain Murphy, CSP, MS


Kim has extensive experience in training, safety and health program development, and workplace assessment.  Her 24 years in higher education provides a solid foundation for training development; thereby, meeting and exceeding client needs.   These skills have been honed through workplace training in manufacturing, construction, utility, union, and healthcare facilities. She also develops and performs workplace assessments leading to the implementation  of site-specific programs geared to enhance worker safety and health. 

Josh Richmond


Josh has extensive experience throughout the business sector. With a strong basis in banking and finance, he takes care of all the financial accounting and forecasting for Benchmark. Given his diverse background, he also provides services for projects with regards to cash flows, spreadsheets, and as well as various other project related financial tasks. Having a diverse set of skills allows Josh to also perform the marketing tasks of the company while consulting as needed for similar tasks or situations on a project. These include marketing planning and implementation, website design, print design, as well as others.

Chris Warnick, MS, CSP


Chris’ career started in the oil & gas industry, where he served for eight years as a consultant, researcher, and trainer and as a health and safety representative for a large operator.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety and a master’s degree in Industrial Hygiene.  Highly technical and regulatory projects serve Chris’ detailed and driven work ethic.  He is eager to provide clients in and outside the oil & gas industry with the highest quality services possible, services that are tailored to improve the clients’ safety culture and assist clients in going “beyond zero” with incident statistics.

Brian R Woods, CSP


Brian serves clients through safety, health, and environmental program development, workplace assessments, and employee training.  He is exceedingly experienced in assisting companies in meeting OSHA, WVDEP, and EPA mandates through site-specific initiatives.  His work in the manufacturing and aviation sectors of industry has afforded him the breadth of experience in writing programs, implementing programs, as well as developing and delivering training on various SH&E topics.  His experiences also include implementation of EHS management systems for continuous improvement.